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About the Calendar

The OSU Calendar runs on the Trumba Connect platform and provides students, employees and the community and opportunity to view and subscribe to event information. It is OSU’s primary location for finding information on campus events.

A few things to note about the calendar:
  • It has many marketing functions including the ability to subscribe to emails or push notifications for events
  • Easily add events to your personal digital calendar
  • Events have the ability to have an image and more event details
  • Event locations link to OSU’s interactive map



Using the Calendar


  • How do I find events?
    You can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow down events to categories you are interested in. You can also use the search to filter the calendar by keyword.
  • How do I add an event to my calendar?

    Click Add to Calendar at the bottom of an event's details page and select the appropriate calendar type to add the event to your personal digital calendar.

    You can also elect to connect your O-Key, Facebook or Google account to the calendar to:

    • Save your own personalized list of events of interest that you find on website calendars
    • Store personal information and preferences, such as your account time zone
    • Manage reminders and event update notifications for saved event
    • Track and manage calendar event submissions
  • How do I create a direct link to an event's detail page?

    At the bottom of the event's details page click Event Link to get a permalink that can be shared with others.


    Note: Copying the URL from the browser's address bar will not give you a link to an event's details page.


Submitting Events



Calendar Administration



Development and Integration


  • What are spuds?

    Spuds are preconfigured widgets that you can use to display calendars on your department site. There are three types of spuds: calendar spuds, promotion spuds and control spuds.


    Calendar spuds display your main calendar on your website. These can be a detailed list view of upcoming events, a simple table-style view, or a more traditional calendar month view.


    Control spuds are generally used in conjunction with a calendar spud. same page as your main calendar spud. Visitors interact with control spuds to change the state of the main calendar spud. For example, you can add control spuds that let visitors change the view, filter the events they see, and search by keyword or location.


    Promotion spuds help you increase visibility for your calendar and events across your website. These can be used on pages that do not contain your main calendar. For example a short list of upcoming events on the front page of your website.


    See More:
    Embed Spud Code
    Spud FAQ
    Control and promotion spuds

  • Which spuds are available?

    We have preconfigured several spuds for you to use on your website.


    To see which spuds have been enabled and get code for embedding in your site, please visit the spud gallery.


    You will need to know your calendar's webname to embed spuds in your website.


    Note: only spuds which are compatible with OSU's theme and meet accessibility guidelines will be available.

  • How do I find my calendar's webname?
  • What feed options are available for published calendars?

    Each calendar includes an iCal, RSS, Atom and CSV feed.


    You will need to know your calendar's webname to access the RSS feed.


    Feed URL's:
    iCal -[calendar-webname].ics
    RSS -[calendar-webname].rss
    Atom -[calendar-webname].xml
    CSV -[calendar-webname].csv


    Replace [calendar-webname] with your calendar's webname

  • Can my calendar be integrated with digital signage?

    You can promote your current day's or week's events on-site by customizing promotion spuds to create effective digital signage displays.


    See more:
    Digital Signage

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